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Some companies must contend with the impact of global warming. Other companies are trying to make their infrastructure more resilient to floods along coasts, tornadoes in the Midwest and other climatic disruptions.

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The politics of green electricity, too, are evolving. Clean-power plans feature prominently in the Democratic presidential primaries. States led by Democrats, and even some led by Republicans, have set goals for clean electricity; in all, 29 have set targets for raising its share. Utilities face scrutiny from green-minded asset managers. Most important, the economics of power is being turned on its head by the falling costs of renewables.

The answer depends partly on their location. The high cost of shipping natural gas and oil to Hawaii is one reason why that state has particularly bold goals for renewables. On July 10th Hawaiian Electric filed an ambitious proposal to solicit bids for new wind and solar power. That made it easier for Ben Fowke, its chief executive, to espouse a renewables strategy.

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Regulated utilities make money by investing capital; the variable costs of fuel are borne by consumers. But wind has the benefit of being free, no matter how hard it blows.

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So X cel settled on a strategy to please both investors and customers: invest more in wind farms, on which it can earn a regulated return, and spend less on fossil fuels, on which it cannot. In the long term, consumers save money and utilities make more of it. Utilities such as CMS , in Michigan, are following its lead. For others, accelerating the move away from fossil fuels holds less allure, and not simply because they operate in places with less wind or sun. Some states continue to prop up coal. Natural gas complicates the picture further. Most investors reckon that some gas is necessary to balance the intermittent power of the wind and sun—at least until storage becomes cheaper and more efficient.

The question is, how much? Renewables struggle to compete in Florida, too, where newish, efficient gas plants owned by a subsidiary of NextEra, a giant power company, offer cheap electricity. See next articles.


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Please try again later. You are already subscribed to this email. Special Section: Wealth. News World U. I felt that some of my friends felt betrayed by my decision to embrace something they stood against. So the core of the dilemma was not dissimilar from what Mrs. Ray goes through. What happens when you end up in a situation — whether chosen or forced on you — that is different from the company you keep. My social world is filled with wonderful, independent, successful urban women who are fighting against tradition and I am glad that we are but I still wanted to marry Mike.

How could I do both?

A lot of my friends, especially in India, are making a statement by not getting married. Marriage in parts of India is still very much an institution to cage women and rob them of their identities and here I was excited to have my wedding. I felt I had to keep my excitement a secret. And similarly, Mrs. We find out early on that Reema Ray is a young widow whose every move is subject to scrutiny. In what ways is Reema a typical widow? Have you observed a shift in attitudes about female sexuality and marital status in India?

Continuing on the previous answer, things are definitely changing.

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But within my little slice of India, I see attitudes slowly shifting. I see women choosing to have civil partnerships instead of marriages, I see them choosing to remain single, I see them coming out of the closet, I see them filing for divorce and I see them all thriving. If you speak your mind online, the twitter trolls will come after you and use your personal choices against you and we still live in a world in which rape threats against women are the norm.

This is horrifying. But this is also a global reality now — social media has made it much easier to threaten women around the world. But I think and I hope that in certain segments of society in India and again, around the world , at least in real life you can find people who will support you and help you live life however you choose. I certainly hope so. How has your experience embodying characters and working with dialogue informed your writing process? I love writing dialogue. That space is where the stories are. To delve further into your background, you also majored in Economics and come from a family of economists.

I try not to consciously think about my approach. I focused on microeconomics in college and I loved the crispness of it.

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  7. Growing up, he often helped me with my math homework and I developed a real love for the subject while studying it with him. I have a short attention span and when people start speaking or writing as a means to express their own cleverness, I very quickly switch off and retreat into my own mind. The Windfall is a trenchant exploration of identity, raising essential questions about class anxiety, generational divides, and the social challenges of diaspora.

    Can you discuss any parallels that may exist between the lives of your characters and your own life? This is not an autobiographical story. The whole idea with this book was to not write what I know. I think some of my other answers clearly touch on things from my own life that have inspired parts of this novel but this is not my story thinly veiled.

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    What would you like readers to take away from The Windfall? For me, I hope they find entertainment and humanity but, God that sounds so pompous. And I hope my readers laugh. We all need to laugh.