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And remember to put on the anti-static wrist strap and attach the clip of it to a metal portion of the computer case before you start building your computer.

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Now just make sure all of the wire ties are trimmed back and all of the protective film that protects the case is removed. Refer to the motherboard manual on how to do this. Once you are done in the BIOS , you should be ready to install the operating system. Here at Geeks in Phoenix , we take pride in providing excellent customer service.

How to Install Windows 10 From USB Flash Driver! (Complete Tutorial)

From computer repair , virus removal and data recovery , we aim to give the highest quality of service. Geeks in Phoenix have the best computer repair technicians providing computer repair and service in Phoenix , Paradise Valley , Scottsdale and Tempe Arizona.

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Check out our reviews Google Yelp Yahoo! Merchant Circle Superpages. Tag cloud accessibility options android checkdisk computer repair computer upgrade hardware keyboard shortcuts software start menu windows windows 10 windows 7 windows 8 windows 8. Archive Contact Sign in Subscribe. How to repair Windows 10 by doing an in-place upgrade The majority of users in the US will select the following settings: Language: English If you use a different language, select it from the pull-down menu Edition: Windows 10 Architecture: bit x64 When you are finished selecting the language, architecture and edition click on Next.

How to start a program using Task Manager Sometimes the only way to run a program is to use Task Manager. You will get a screen that has several selections on it. Click on Task Manger. The Task Manager program will appear next. If it shows says There are no running apps , click on the More details arrow in the bottom left-hand corner.

This will bring up all of the running processes. Click on the File drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner of Task Manager and select Run new task. The Create a new task dialog box will appear. Click on the Browse.. This will bring you back to the Create new task dialog box and the path to the setup. Make sure that the Create this task with administrative privileges check box is selected.

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Then click on OK. The Windows 10 installer will now start.

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Just follow the steps outlined previously in this article for the rest of the in-place upgrade. Tags : repair windows How to get a free Windows 10 upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8. An upgrade path for Enterprise versions of Windows is not supported. Tags : windows Things to consider when replacing or upgrading computer components Things to consider when replacing or upgrading your motherboard Form factor What form factor size does your existing case support?

If the motherboard you are looking at getting is ATX and your existing case only has space and stand-offs for a mini-ATX motherboard, you are not going to be able to install the new motherboard. Do you have any of the extra parts that came with the case, including stand-offs for the motherboard? If you are replacing a mini-ATX motherboard with an ATX motherboard and your case is large enough for it, do you have the stand-offs and screws for the extra mounting points that the new ATX motherboard will require?

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Do you have the installation media for the operating system and all of your programs? When you change out a motherboard, unless it is from the same manufacturer and same model line, odds are you will need to perform a clean installation of the operating system and your apps. If you try and use the existing operating system currently installed with a new motherboard, you more than likely to get all sorts of errors.

Be prepared to reinstall the OS and apps. Will the new motherboard your thinking about getting support your existing processor? You will need to do your research on the motherboard you are thinking about getting. If you cannot find the information online, give the manufacturer a call.

There is nothing worse than getting a motherboard that you cannot use.

Memory slot s Does the motherboard your thinking about getting support your existing memory modules? Again, do your research. You have to make sure that everything is going to go smoothly when you do the upgrade. Or are you going to need to get new memory modules? If you find out that you will need new memory modules, buy them in pairs twin-pack, quad-pack. Try to avoid mixing different memory modules if you can. You will also find it cheaper to buy them in twin-packs or quad-packs than as single modules. Expansion slots PCI-e What do you currently have for expansion cards? Make a note about all of the different PCI-e slots that are used on your existing motherboard and reference it when you are looking at new motherboard.

B key, M key or both? USB 2. Internal drive connectors What type of internal drive connectors does your current motherboard have? Power connector What type of power connectors does the motherboard your thinking about getting have 4-pin or 8-pin ATX 12V? Does your existing power supply have the correct connector? Motherboard compatibility What processors does your current motherboard support? You will need to do your research on your current motherboard. You may need to update the BIOS on your current motherboard to run the new processor your thinking about getting.

If you are thinking air cooled, do you have enough space on top of the CPU for it. If your thinking about liquid cooled, do you have the correct mounting holes for it. And are you going to need to replace any of the existing case fan s to accommodate a new CPU cooler. Does your motherboard have all of the connectors for running a liquid CPU cooler? Some liquid-coolers require power from an on-board USB header. Also, does your motherboard have any special liquid-cooler fan headers.

To answer this question, you will need to reference the motherboard manual or specifications online. If you have a problem finding this information, just contact the motherboard manufacturer. What PCI-e version is the graphics card you are looking at getting?

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Again, to answer this question, reference the graphic card manual or specifications online. If the PCI-e slot on your motherboard is version 3 and the graphics card you are looking at getting is version 4, you are going to have a problem. Related article s How to add an expansion card to your desktop computer Power connection s Does the graphics card you are looking at getting require a separate PCI-e power connector s?

If so, are they 6-pin or 8-pin PCI-e connector s and how many does it require? You should be able to find this information on the vendors or manufactures website.

Even the box should have the information on the outside. Does your current power supply have all of the proper PCI-e connector s for it? Some lower wattage power supplies have only 6-pin PCI-e connectors. Visually check your existing power supply for the type and quantity of PCI-e power connectors. Things to consider when replacing or upgrading your memory Slot type and speed What slot type and memory speed does your existing motherboard support DDR3 , DDR4 , etc.

Existing memory compatibly Are you going to added more memory to your existing memory?