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Except the sinful flame still burning between him and Leah feels infinitely more dangerous….

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Do you have a Newsletter I can sign up for? Had a bunch of strokes last yea over and its easier to keep up for me. Hello Andie, I just read the sheiks wedding contract and I love it. Did you write about the other 3 of te columbia four? I would like to buy those kindle blook also. Kind regards Ritasarani. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. This book has soft covers.

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Seller Rating:. Goldstone Books Llandybie, United Kingdom. Used Quantity Available: 6. At the age of thirteen, he had been six feet tall, a gang member and embryo thug, accustomed to breaking the law just to survive.

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His grandmother, Yelena, had been barely five feet tall, functionally illiterate and desperately poor. Yet Sergei knew that everything he had become and everything he had achieved in the years since then was down to the indefatigable efforts of that little woman to civilise him. The convoy came to a halt outside a humble building clad in faded clapboards and sheltering behind an overgrown hedge. The bodyguards, big tough men who wore sunglasses even on dull days and never smiled, leapt out first to check out the area.

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Sergei finally emerged, a sartorial vision of elegant grooming in a silk and mohair blend suit that was superbly tailored to his broad-shouldered powerful physique. His ex-wife, Rozalina, had called this his 'annual guilt pilgrimage' and had refused to accompany him. But his visit was enough reward for the elderly woman who would not even let him build her a new house.

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Yelena, Sergei reflected grimly, was the only female he had ever met who wasn't eager to take him for every ruble she could get. He had long since decided that extreme greed and an overriding need to lionise over others were essentially feminine failings. As Sergei strode down the front path towards the dwelling, villagers fell back from where they were gathered in its doorway and an awe-inspired silence fell.

Contracted: A Wife for the Bedroom by Carol Marinelli

Yelena was a small plump woman in her seventies with bright eyes and a no-nonsense manner. She greeted him without fuss, only the huskiness of her voice and her use of the diminutive name 'Seryozh' for him hinting at how much her only grandchild meant to her. The bearded Orthodox priest sitting at the table, which was decorated with flowers and painted eggs, gave the younger man who had rebuilt the crumbling church tower an encouraging smile. Sergei had skipped breakfast in anticipation of the usual gastronomic challenge that awaited him.

He ate with appetite, sampling the special bread and the Easter cake. Throughout, he was approached by his grandmother's visitors and he listened patiently to requests for advice, support and money, because he was also the recognised source of philanthropy in the community. Yelena stood by watching and concealing her pride.

She was wryly aware that her grandson was the cynosure of attention for every young woman in the room. That was understandable: his hard-boned dark features were strikingly handsome and he stood six feet three inches tall with the lean powerful build of an athlete. As always, however, Sergei was too accustomed to female interest to be anything other than indifferent to it. His grandmother had a fleeting recollection of the lovelorn girls who had dogged his every step while he was still a boy.

Nothing had changed; Sergei still enjoyed an extraordinary level of charisma. Sergei was mildly irritated by his female audience and wondered how much Yelena had had to do with the surprising number of attractive well-groomed young women milling about. His concentration, however, had only to alight on his grandmother, though, for it to occur to him that she looked a little older and wearier every time he saw her. He knew she was disappointed that he had failed to bring a girl home with him.

But the women who satisfied his white-hot libido in his various homes round the world were not the type he would have chosen to introduce to a devout old lady. He recognised that she was desperate to see him marry and produce a family. It would have surprised many, who saw Sergei solely as an arrogant, notoriously cold-blooded businessman, to learn that he actually believed that he owed it to Yelena to give her what she wanted.

After all these years, what thanks had Yelena yet reaped from taking a risk on her once foul-mouthed and defiant grandson? While her guardianship had turned Sergei's life and prospects around, life for her had remained very tough. His immense wealth and success meant virtually nothing to her, yet he was her only living relative.

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Her husband had been a drunk and a wife-beater, her son had been a car thief and her daughter-in-law an alcoholic. But Sergei harboured a deep abiding aversion to the matrimonial state. Rozalina had proved to be a very expensive mistake. And, more significantly, even a decade after the divorce he could not forget the child she had aborted to protect her perfect body.

He had never told Yelena about that, as he had known it would have broken her heart and troubled her dreams. He also knew, noting the depth of the lines on her creased and weathered face, that she was on the slippery slope of life and that time was of the essence. Some day there would be no one left to tell him that the noise of his helicopter landing nearby had traumatised her pig and stopped her hens laying. It was a bleak thought that made his conscience stab him. Who had done more for him and who had he rewarded least?

If any woman deserved a bouncing baby on her lap, it was Yelena Antonova.