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She goes to a posh event that Carla is attending and follows her into the bathroom, pretending to be budding perfumist. But the perfume kills more than one - and it is this next kill that is the most remembered Because when her love interest Sebastian smells it, she finds him dead on her doorstep clutching the Chinese takeaway he had bought for them to eat. It is inspired by Dutch painter Jan de Baen's gruesome portrait The Corpses of the de Witt Brothers, for which she dons a terrifying, yet cute, pig costume and performs in front of an audience in the city's red light district.

While recovering in the hospital in season two, Villanelle is put in the same room as a young boy named Gabriel. The teenager has been left hideously disfigured and an orphan as the result of a car crash that killed his parents. He is also a radio book reviewer and writing his next mystery novel.

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A Memorable Murder. John Schlarbaum.

Upon identifying the dead man as Robert Barker, CEO of the country's largest pharmaceutical company, the police quickly discover clues indicating the killer is none other than his wife, Lynn. It connects them a little bit more and keeps them interested, especially if there was something in the timeline that intrigued them. The outline is simple and only consists of the exact things you intend to cover.

This, however, depends on the thoroughness of your presentation and the requirements of the specific content that you are covering.

Pontine Theatre to Bring A MEMORABLE MURDER to Great Small Work's Toy Theatre Festival, 6/15-16

Below is an example of an outline in a presentation I did on computer security. There are several aspects of keeping distractions to a minimum and being consistent with your theme and layout throughout your PowerPoint is certainly a major player in that. You can do this by not only keeping the theme consistent that is pretty straightforward , but also the layout. Speaking of distractions, this is another big player. Some visuals can be good. However, irrelevant visuals or sounds actually just any sounds and crazy transitions are not only very distracting to the audience, but also it gives your PowerPoint a less professional appears.

I would recommend staying away from most of these, such as this green-ish-yellow, fluffy thing below. In college I had an instructor who loved all of these things. You still read your PowerPoints?

And not to offend you if you do, but you need to stop — for the good of mankind. Alright, now that I am done taunting your dignity, let me ask you this: have you ever listened to someone read something? If they are really good at it, like some professions require, you can barely tell. But if they are average like most of us, it sounds monotone and bland.

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This gets back to why you are giving the presentation in the first place. Are you giving it because you have to?

Because you enjoy the topic? Or because you want the audience to absorb as much knowledge and content as possible to make positive changes? Your goal as a presenter is to expand beyond the PowerPoint itself.

Begin With An Outline

The PowerPoint is simply a guide and extensive outline for the audience to follow along throughout your presentation. Delivery of the content is just as important as the content itself. After creating your PowerPoint, go through it and create a script. The script can consist of anything you want from an outline or summary of your presentation to a complete imitation of what you intend to say. This is the other side to not reading what you are going to say.

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That might sound like common sense to you, but I had an instructor whose slides were so packed full, it took way to long to get the major points and important information from them. Quite frustrating when trying to study.

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Earlier I talked about not using crazy images, such as Clip Art, or other distracting media. Photos, videos, even audio clips have their place when relevant. Key word there. Instead, find something that relates to what your talking about. Start with a catchy line, an intriguing statistic or a question to spark their curiosity.

Once you have it, you have got to maintain it. You do this by following the previous tips mentioned here and one other thing: the vibe you give off.

April 29 – May 5: “Methods of murder: what are some of the most memorable?”

Are you nervous? Or are you relaxed and yourself? You need to be the latter, whatever it might be. Instead, trust your instincts and be yourself. So how can you be confident in those things? Simple — practice.